Monday, October 03, 2016

If you thought Trumps trade plan was bat shit crazy.....

Hillary just took things to a whole nuther level.

I've always thought that Trumps plan to punish companies for leaving the US was a bit of a potemkin village. He knows that all he has to do is lower the tax rates and he doesn't have to punish anyone. Companies will gladly stay here. But at the end of Trumps administration he gets to look tough while in the end having done exactly nothing.

But Hillary just upped the game by being punishier. You will have to give back every tax break you ever got. That is crazy. And probably not possible. You see I get audited pretty often too. I've always had good relations with the IRS. But I still affectionately call them sharks. Not because I've had problems, but because from time to time they will come and bump you to see if you are honest. All of my encounters have just involved providing additional documentation. Or sometimes even documentation you've already sent. If you are being honest - no problems.

Also, he was getting such shit for for saying he will punish businesses for leaving, and now he can be like - well, look at this crap she wants to do. She just neutralized the outrage over his plan. I just can't even believe it.

These two just can't get out in front of themselves I swear.

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