Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for these fake companies.

Twitter is shutting down Vine.

I hope Dorsey takes it in the butt for buying this company. After I read the headline it was shutting down I was curious how much Twitter paid for it, but got distracted about all the glorifying of how popular it was. Which was IMO was complete bullshit.

One website giddily crowed that "more than 100 million people view Vine videos across the Web each month."

Yeah, the number is probably true, but we did so BY FORCE. So who knows what the real number is. People who used Vine, so overused it _ I bet that company pissed off more people than it made money from.

For a little while some sites were almost unreadable because they'd embedded so many auto play Vines. Lots of times I'd see a post with upwards of 6 Vine videos and they were all playing at once. You couldn't even play the Youtube video people would link to because your CPU was caved playing all those Vines.  All those Vines and adds were really over the top. Nothing made me want to punch people in the neck more. It's like Twitter said - are these ads annoying the crap out of you? I know, lets add some short auto play vids to make things better. Said in the most sarcastic way.

If each site was using six Vines per article you can see the actual amount of people using the site was probably vastly over reported. I'm betting the only reason they are shutting it down is because it made so many people mad and people stopped going to certain sites with Vine abuse. I'd forgotten Vine even existed because it's been a while since I'd seen any site link to a vid. And it was glorious.

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