Saturday, October 22, 2016

Porsche's never make it here.

By this time of year the car shows are only half full. So I didn't really want to go to one today. But, I thought - those guys have really fast cars. Some of them have to have gotten the "big" ticket.

One guy with a lambo told me he had a Canadian drivers licence and he didn't get tickets. I didn't quite understand it, but he said our police have to call in some other police to give him a ticket. What's that about Canada?

Two of them said they'd been caught doing like 140 but the cops probably didn't want to take them to jail and they got ticketed for like 80-90mph.

WTF? I was only going 1 over. Now I'm sad I wasn't going faster. ONE MILE OVER.


  1. No. You were going 30+ over. My understanding is that CA law says 15 over is reckless, regardless of how clear the freeway might have been. You're lucky you weren't taken directly to jail while your car was impounded. Expect to spend a couple grand on your lawyer, plus a fine in the same range.

    I'm not a big fan of speed limits but, with great respect, I'd say you really need to change your perspective.

  2. No offense taken.

    I'm not sure I can change my perspective. I've always loved speeding. But I can promise to change my behaviour. I don't have to like not speeding, right? I just have to be better.

  3. Just wait until the self driving regulations kick in. They will go for the dui and reckless drivers first for sure. With a strike already, you could be jeopardizing, your chance at a permit for a classic in ten or fifteen years. DF

  4. Well, it is just like a government to penalize you for trying to do something that changes a behavior the government already wants you to stop doing. I think they will actually make it so there are less of me on the road.

    If I can play DOOM or do something else, then I won't be so compelled to shave an hour off a cross road trip. It's really the only time I get so close to the "big ticket". It isn't like I don't speed..... but not like that.

    Thanks for yelling at me. (Not said in a sarcastic way) My husband needs reinforcements. I think I will go pout for a little while.

    FYI - when self driving cars came I figured I would become a giant drunk. Oh, I don't drink now, but this is how I planned my old age. I would start drinking in the middle of the day and my self driving car would show up and I'd open those gull wing doors and pour myself out. I have arrived - I'd say. Hey, you need to have goals. Yes - I am a terrible human. But I am honest. So there is that.