Monday, October 17, 2016

I'm just a little butt hurt. That's all.

Soooooo. I had to start retaining legal council after my trip.  Turns out those tickets of driving over 100mph are pretty much as bad as drunk driving. No foolies. And I don't think I'm reformed because it sounds like if you were going 1 mile over 100 is the same as going 17 miles over 100. Makes me wish a little I'd done the second if it really doesn't make a difference.

That's not a good sign right?

I can't tell if I'm sadder about the fines or never being able to drive that fast again. I think I can make more money eventually. But never being able to drive that fast again sucks.

Nope definitely not reformed.


  1. Once you are in the system, they will grind you like sausage. Tell them you were drunk and will plead wet reckless, if they drop the speeding charge so that you don't lose your license permanently the next time they get you at 100 plus. DF

  2. Well, I hope that doesn't happen again. Fingers crossed. Eeeps.

    Right now I'm hoping the cop just doesn't show up. My court date is 12/12, so I'm hoping he will be out of his mind with the holidays.

    It feels weird that one tactic is pleading to a greater offense than I was actually doing. That's crazy. I have a good driver discount of shits sakes.