Friday, October 14, 2016

Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik is now biggest douche in the universe.

Mercedes Decides Who An Autonomous Car Should Save And The Answer Is Worrying.

I talked about this subject a while back when everyone was freaking out about who died in a self driving car crash. There were all these articles saying your car would be programmed to kill you. Which I thought was the most absurd thing. This is what I said about the hysteria at the time.

"Mr S. and I have been talking about this a lot since that conference. Gizmodo is falling victim to not understanding stated preference vs. revealed preference. Quite simply - People are big fat liars. And if you ask them questions they will tell you all sorts of things, but what they actually do is very different than what they say.

People might say if it's between 10 people dying and me dying - just take me out. But they would be lying. Until this happens everyone is altruistic. But I'm buying a car for MY safety. First and foremost, and anyone who says differently is pretty much lying. No one is buying a car to make sure pedestrians don't die. It's a nice perk, but pretty much I want the car company to make sure I don't die."

People buy the cars they feel will protect them the best. It's always how we've bought cars. It will always be how we buy cars. But it doesn't stop people like Raphael Orlove from being a complete douche bag by turning this into an argument about how evil rich people are.

"My dude. Holy shit. You know what you’re saying there, right? You’re saying that a Mercedes S-Class or whatever, driving down the road, will happily if not gleefully run over a child if it guaranteed saving the caviar-guzzling millionaire inside. Not just a child. An orphan. A group of orphans. A group of sick, orphans with leprosy.

Pictured: a child begging a Mercedes for its life."

I don't know if this idiot has ever bought a car. I'm often glad these people are always on the edge of ruin because they really are pretty stupid. I guess he might be okay with it if it was just a minimum wage earning reporter and not a super rich dude with a Telsa. Because this is exactly the choices we make right this minute when we buy cars. Cars don't have airbags on the outside! That is not going to change because the car drives itself.

If the car was programmed to kill you over pedestrians - PEOPLE WOULD NEVER BUY THAT CAR. I don't care what anyone says.

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