Friday, June 03, 2016

The Media is blowing San Jose out of proportion a little bit.

It's sort of weird to see how the media is reporting what happened last night. When I got out of San Jose (after dark), I was pretty impressed with the police. I've been to a fair amount of protests in the Bay Area - and I've never seen so many cops. Even in SF. They must have had every single San Jose cop working plus pulling from all over the Bay Area. There must have been like 1000 of them. It was a jaw dropping show of force.

Just to get out of San Jose one of the on ramps had about 10 cruisers staged there. I got the feeling they weren't going to have any of that BLM bullshit shutting down the freeways like they did in Oakland.

It was pretty fascinating the lengths they went to to try and not let the two sides mix. Which I've never seen before. When you got out of the hall you could see the protesters out there down the block, but the police had a blockade preventing the two from walking into each other right away. I'm not actually sure how that girl got pelted with eggs. Because they forced you to walk around the block and kind of around the group of protesters. I'd grabbed one of those Trump signs to use as a fan  because we are still in a heatwave here, and there was a car with some girls that was yelling at me. About half way down the block I ditched it because I knew when we rounded the corner it might make me a bit of a target. In California you sort of get used to "blending in".

Obviously there were a few problems. I posted that vid, and walking to the car there was a guy at an ambulance who had a bloody shirt. So I knew there was at least two assaults, but all that shit spun up and down so quickly I'm not sure the police really could have done anything. Plus, they can sort of wait until the youtube videos roll in. Right? They can't be everywhere. Even if there was a million of them. The media is sort making it out to be a melee. Which I would say is overly dramatic.

As far as Trump I can't really guestimate how many people showed. It was a bit more than the other two. I've been in that venue a few times, but honestly it's been filled to the rafters with marijuana. That is normally where they hold hempcon. So - it holds a shit ton of people. I've just been unable to find out exactly how many people that building holds. I'd say it was probably half full by the time the rally was over.

The only other notable thing was that the Trump speech started ON TIME. The Hillary and Bernie speeches started several hours late. I was at the Bernie speech waiting for 4 hours before I tapped out. Trump? He was early. I was there exactly 39 minutes. He started talking before he was scheduled to start.

That is the efficiency of the private sector People.

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