Sunday, June 12, 2016

My weekend.

I'm sporting two vet visits in two days. I got back from my conf on Thursday and my girl Jasmines eye was super weepy. Since it was late, I put in some artificial tears and and figured I'd have to take her in the next day. But the next day she was completely dry and looked almost fine.

On Sat she gone off her kibble a little - so I had to take her in. By the time bunnies show signs of having problems - you've already got big problems. I was praying I hadn't pulled the glaucoma lottery ticket for the third time. To my relief she only had a small ulcer on her eye. That is fantastic news for a rabbit. I mean, in the scheme of rabbit things. The two other possibilities were way worse. An ulcer was pretty stellar news. That can be fixed.

Then this morning Mr S. woke me up early to look at her because her eye was totally messed up. It was cheesy and red and much worse than yesterday when she'd gotten a full round of antibiotics. She should be going the other way. So I'm basically home bound to keep an eye on her. No pun intended.

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