Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I have to admit - I expected the Democrats and Republicans not to like each other after this election. Duh. But what is totally unexpected is that half of democrats hate the other half of democrats, and the same thing goes for Republicans. Both sides! That's crazy.

I'd say mission accomplished Obama. Everyone now basically hates each other. You know this is really wanted. It's the gift that keeps giving.


  1. It should be the best year ever for the libertarians. Not only do they have a solid ticket, but they are also pro legalization and anti taxes so they appeal to both extremes that are unhappy now. They say that 50 percent of the electorate is registered independent, so there are a lot of voters that don't identify with either side. I don't think that there is enough dissatisfaction for the libs to w, but they'll be influential enough that for the next four years they be blamed for whoever wins. DF

  2. Do you think so? I think people are pretty hesitant on classifying themselves as libertarian. Even I don't identify as one. If the "Pauls" couldn't get that to work, I'm not sure any of them can.

    I think the republicans are kinda having a civil war between the religious conservatives vs. the not religious conservatives. Wala, your an independent. I think the parties are just having a healthy rebalancing for the modern era. I don't care if you are gay or smoke weed or most other things that don't affect me. But I still will bomb the shit out of stuff. I'm betting Dems are having the same identity crisis with their party. It's a relief more of them don't identify as socialist. 6 months ago I wasn't sure.

    I don't think it's a mystery why people are not identifying with their own parties. But I don't see many of them really moving to libertarian. No matter who wins this country is going to have a complete meltdown.

    Also, you talk about weed more than I do in real life. It's making me think you are way more friendly than I thought. Just say'in.

  3. People don't call themselves libertarians but most hold libertarians ideals. Go ro and put in your views on the issues and I bet it tells you to vote Gary Johnson. The libertarians were smart this year, they nominated a very conservative ticket. Johnson is Libertarian light. It's a long shot, but right now he's polling 10 percent and people don't even know who he is. If he can pick up 10 - 15 percent from both sides, a third party could win it. The libs are the only ones who are on all the ballots, so they have the best shot at playing spoiler than anyone. If never Trump represents a third of his base and the dems lose a third of their base over the legalization issue, it would make for a great horse race. As far as weed goes, I'm definitely pro legalization, prohibition has been a disaster. It should be turned over to the businesses, so that adults can enjoy it if they choose too. I think the people are way ahead of the politicians on this one and that there is a large voting block that is attached to the issue. DF

  4. I just thought the weed thing was funny because a few months ago Mr S. said to me - the weird thing about you pot smokers is that you talk about it all the time. I was like - What? No.

    Then he says, drinkers don't have drinking porn, but you guys have pot porn. It's weird.

    Then as I thought about it (and I wanted to be defensive) - we do kinda talk about pot all the time. I try not to because it made people think you were stupid. People are mostly out now - they used to just hide it for the stigma. When I see people talk about it all the time I'm convinced they smoke. And at least half of your comments lately involve legalization. Not a bad thing, just funny. Even if you don't.

    As for Gary Johnson, he has no chance. Some of us are out for blood. Trump is the only one who has the backbone to break the system and withstand the criticism. Because that is all it's gonna be. Which is healthy honestly. This lovefest with the dems is just the creepiest thing ever. You should hate your politicians. We want 100% of the other side out, and 95% of our side. Throw them all in a volcano!

    It's less than six months to the election. If Johnson hasn't gained any traction by now - he has no chance.