Monday, June 20, 2016

Conversations with Mr S.

Last night I asked Mr S. if he thought we were going to find a new bunny. My next stop is probably Southern California. There are some babies four weeks out. But that heatwave down there is a huge concern. They could easily die in that heat. It stresses adult rabbits, let alone babies. I'm sure every bunny owner down there is freaking out more than a little.

Mr S - We will find a bunny when you are ready to find a a bunny.

Me - So.... are you saying I'm not ready to love again?

Him - well, kinda.

Me - Why do you say that? I'm ready.

Him - I would have taken any one of those bunnies we saw this weekend. So yeah, we are waiting on you.

Me - Let me bottom line it. None of those bunnies were cute enough.

Him - okay, tell me what is the difference between a bad-aid bunny, and a rebound bunny.

Mr S. has been fully in the rebound camp the whole time. Because he is a guy. He would have taken the first baby he saw. So I smiled at him and said - you're a guy, of course you wouldn't know. If you break up with someone you are sleeping with someone the very next day. So, a "cute enough" bunny is just fine for a guy. As a girl, we take a bit longer.

I always say that when guys break up with girls, they have the time of their lives for about 3-6 months. Because it's new. Then their world comes crashing down on them when they find that new pussy is more annoying than old pussy.

Girls however feel gut punched for about six months and then after that we are completely fine.

Me - you like how I turned this whole thing into a relationship metaphor? We both are kinda reacting like we would to a real life break up.

Him - see, you kinda act like your not ready to date yet.

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