Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Oh - I was feeling the Burn.

I was at a Bernie rally today. Oh yes I was. I was suppose to be at a conference, but I figured it would only take a couple of hours. If I managed to get in at all. Which I did.

When I tapped out at 3:00, they were still letting people in. He still had not shown up. The doors opened at 11:30, and everyone in the crowd thought the rally would start soon after. I never wound up seeing him - but I did wind up super sun burnt. It was an outdoor thing, and the Bay Area is having our first spat of heat right now. If they would have had more old people there I'm sure they would have had serious problems. Early in a woman walked up to me and asked if I had crackers for her daughter that was suffering from the heat. I'd seen a woman with a baby and thought maybe she would have some cheerios. So I set to find that family. Other people started flooding her with water. I eventually came back with a fruit cup and a mini cucumber.  Don't ask me, when you ask for food in a crowd sometimes people carry zip locks full of mini cucumbers apparently. Not pickles oddly.

By the time I was getting ready to leave the family whom I helped was putting Bernie signs over my head. I was fine, but I must have already started looking really red. I'm super light skinned. I can't even believe how burnt I am. I can spend all day in the yard or at the beach and not look like this. It's ridiculous.

I have to say, as much as I want to dislike the Bernie crowd - they are really just lovely people. Like my Aunt an Uncle who are uber socialists. And pretty much everyone I grew up around.  Really financially illiterate, but I couldn't find one person there who reinforced all my stereotypes. It's just so frustrating because you can't run peoples lives. I just wish they felt the same way. That is what socialism is. Only the people who have never lived under socialism want to. And they don't even understand they are killing themselves slowly. Frustrating.

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