Thursday, June 09, 2016

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

And Santa Claus is Lenovo right now. This is the time of year companies start to come out with new stuff to make the Christmas window. Lenovo managed to create some real excitement in the Valley today. (well San Fransisco) Even I'm excited. New stuff People. Factory air!

First they released a Project Tango phone. I hope so much that it doesn't suck. Please let it not suck! It's the first commercial AR phone. I was at the Augmented Reality conference like a week ago and I wanted to kill myself. Seriously. Did you see anything on this blog about it? NO? Because it sucked. And it wasn't just me. Even Engadget wrote an article pretty much saying the conference sucked. Though much more nicely than I do. Their revenue and ability to get into conferences depends on it. Mine doesn't. I don't want to link back to the article. That's how I get to say snotty stuff unnoticed. You can google it.  I'm sure the article will pop right up.

So, last week I was sure AR was completely dead. Well, not completely, but dead to me. There are applications, but not as much as a consumer product. Seeing the demo of the Tango phone made me more excited than a whole conference on AR.

Then, and I can't believe I'm saying this about Motorola, they (now Lenovo) really came out with a clever modular phone that allows you to add a juice box battery pack to your phone via magnets. As well as a speaker and a projector. I know in text it sounds ridiculous, but just watch the video. It's pretty clever. And the speaker honestly, has really good sound quality. Apparently all the companies in the Valley think we will need mini projectors right now. I've been seeing it at lot of conferences for a while. I should have taken the hint. Now they are showing up in phones and ftablets from Lenovo. I think I'm going to leave that misspelling because I don't get what a fablet is. It's just a tiny tablet.

I can't do better than the professionals, so watch these videos. Ashton Kutcher is the person in the photo above.. First video is Project Tango.

Then Moto Mods.

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