Saturday, June 04, 2016

It was a mini reset.

Today I had to choose between two pretty uninspiring car shows. Mr S. and I agreed on the one in Capitola because it's at the ocean. And there is something about the ocean that cleanses my soul. I used to live on that side of the hill for a few years and sometimes I just just physically crave being at the beach. Especially when I'm having a hard time. It's the only place where I can totally reset my batteries.

The whole atmosphere is so different than Silicon Valley or where I live in the East Bay. It's more like being on a foreign vacation. You can hardly get a cell phone signal half of the time. Thankfully. You have to slow your roll by half. You are on beach time. It's just totally different. The people are nicer.

Capitola doesn't really scratch the whole itch for me, but Capitola Village is super cute. It has a little inlet that has cottages lining it. It's just a cute area. But it's not really what I consider the beach. I mean, it HAS a beach, but I like tide pools and places to explore. I'm pretty sure a real beach visit will show up in my rotation soon. I heard a rumor of a new glass beach. And some of you know how much I like that shit. Here. I guess I just like unusual beaches in general like the purple sand beach. Capitola is more of a tourist beach.

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