Monday, June 20, 2016

Everyone eventually becomes what they never thought they wanted to be.

Mr S. and I were taking pictures of this sculpture in Reno and a homeless couple yelled for us to ring the bells from halfway down the block. We didn't know what she was talking about, so we wound up talking to the girl for a while. As you know... the homeless are chatty. She showed us how it worked and then the conversation veered.

I think this is a burning man sculpture. She was telling us how they'd just had some festival there with a bunch of the art from burning man. She also volunteered that "burning man" (I assume the creator of burning man) had just bought a few city blocks where we were standing and was going to "tear all this stuff down". Of course I had to ask what they were going to do with it after that.

Put up a mall she said.

I was like - really? Burning man is completely anti corporation aren't they? That's really weird.

But I guess eventually everyone grows up and finds out they like money. So yeah, the creator of burning man - real estate tycoon apparently. which I don't mind at all. But I'm betting they still hold their socialistic views for everyone else.

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