Sunday, June 19, 2016


I've been back for a day now.  Some how we made it to Reno in three and a half hours on a Friday night. And no - I don't have a new bunny. But I did find comfort in the strangest place. I've been taking the loss of Jamine pretty hard. Her eye issue should have been a very fixable one. To have her cave in 4 days was a shock. And it's the first time I've been with out a pet in a really long time. But I'm doing better now.

I always find going to the rabbit shows kinda interesting because they are a quirky bunch. But they always know more about the health of the pets than the vets. At least the pedigreed ones. If a bunny has ever gotten a problem, the breeder will know more about it than the vets do. They deal with life and death on a more accelerated scale.  And bunnies are the Russian roulette of pets. So things go wrong with them all the time. Evolutionarily they suck donkey balls. But when your husband is allergic to cats and dogs you make the best with the sucky pet options you have. If it weren't for the health problems they would be pretty amazing. Bunny kisses are special. Cats kisses are too rough, and dog kisses can be too slobbery - but bunny kisses - they are just perfect.

Anyway. I'm in sort of a nihilist mood about the bunnies and I've already decided I wanted to name the next one like claymore or some mine. Because sometimes bunnies just self destruct. I apparently lucked into the Doctor Baden of bunny doctors who did her necropsy and even she didn't find anything that should have killed her. It just wasn't mean to be. 

After searching the internet for a while and making my terrorist rating go up on Google we couldn't find any mine names that were cute enough to call a bunny. So I'm like - lets just call it grenade. Mr S. says - you better hope you don't have to yell at her somewhere in public.

I guess I hadn't thought that far out.

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