Thursday, June 02, 2016

I'm going for the trumpfecta.

The Merky News is predicting 15,000 people at the Trump rally tonight in San Jose. Which if true is quite impressive. I'd say Bernie and Hillary had about the same amount of people attend their rallies. Roughly under 3000 people. I only know because the hall Hillary was in held that many and it wasn't full. Bernie had about the same amount of people outside.

If Trump pulls 15,000 here, that will be interesting. Also, at the Hillary rally, there was maybe 5 (litterally5 - you can see it on my twitter feed) anti Hillary protesters. I'm sure they were from Bernie's team. Bernie however had exactly 0.0 protesters.

I'm doing exactly the same thing to provide consistency. Arrive about an hour before. See if I can get in. No RSVP. Nothing. If I can't bet in tonight, I'm sure the sideshow outside will be epic. They are already closing down streets in San Jose. It could take me an hour to find parking.

"Expecting as many as of 15,000 Trump supporters and plenty of protesters, San Jose police Wednesday night announced that they will close several streets near the convention center beginning at noon. Closures will include Market Street at William Street; Market Street, south of San Carlos Street; South First Street at San Salvador Street; and Almaden Boulevard at Balbach Street."

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