Thursday, June 02, 2016

So...... that happened.

More tomorrow.


  1. Like I said best show on television. Trump has a problem with the gang vote. Every banger in my area hates the guy. I think that a lot of these protesters are probably criminals. They are so used to getting away with violence in their neighborhood that they forget that they can't act the same way in front of national cameras. DF

  2. So sad it has come to this. Where criminal aliens are burning US Flags on the streets and gang bangers can get away with this sort of behavior in broad daylight. It's this sort of behavior that has driven me toward Trump. I have no clue if he will follow through on even half the stuff he says, but I know that Bernie and Hillary would be a million times worse.

  3. I wish he would moderate on a lot on trade talk. He doesn't have to punish business for trying to take jobs out of the US. All he has to do is make a favorable tax rate and I bet they would die to bring jobs back.

    A few months ago I was at a startup conference and one of the companies was talking about their experience with China. For some reason his funding was tied to using a Chinese manufacturer for it. A lot of productivity is being sucked out because they just aren't as good at making stuff. When he got his first run it wasn't right. He eventually got the money back but it took time to rework the product. It sounded like it was about three months of hell for him. That sucks for any company but especially startups.

    But I believe Trump is pandering to the union vote. And they aren't always as great with the fine details of economics. All they know is - they took our jobs! He knows this. He is on constructions sites all the time. He knows what union guys say. But it wouldn't be as sensational if he said - look, I'm just going to make a better tax rate for businesses and jobs would flood back.