Friday, October 04, 2013

It feels like the 80's all over again.

I'm sort of in a technology funk. I think I've been practically kickstartered to death. And while there is a lot of new vapor wear smart glasses. I mean, I see them - they exist - I've yet to see them work. That is still considered vapor wear. But, there sure are a ton of them now. Back in May I started seeing a bunch of new ones, and they were *almost* duck taped together. In a few short months they all have become more polished looking.

There are lots of areas I can't believe people are still plugging away at for the whole time I've been alive.  Like the smart watch. They were trying to make them when I was growing up. To be fair - the one I saw recently is a marvel for what it can do for it's size. It has icons. It has graphical user interface. (GUI) You probably could read your mail. But you just want to punch the sky at the ridiculously limited the screen real estate is though. And anyway - why would I want a phone device that has a swipe interface right next to clothes I'm going to rub up against? Then, to take pictures you have to go into a full spider man spitting webs pose to take pictures. Since the camera is right where the winding dial would be - you have to flex your wrist down to take a shot unencumbered by your hand.

Having said that - the more they work on these watches - the cheaper the components will become and someday maybe this will be an amazing product. Or at least something as equally small. Maybe the components will wind up in robotics in some fashion. Or medicine. For now smart watches will be very niche if at all. Even if you can tether to your smart phone. Which you almost certainly will have to anyway. Battery life with a smart watch like that is going to be anemic. More probably what will happen is someone else will steal the knowledge and put it in something that isn't as resource intensive as trying to emulate a tiny smart phone.

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