Thursday, October 10, 2013

Man, it's positively like France around here.

I know you guys are at the edge of your seats over the budget impasse, but this whole thing is more delicious in California!

We are a little more than 24 hours from a BART strike. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) And no one knows if they are going to strike! Can you believe that shit?

A couple of days ago they declined to give a 72 hour notice. The unions basically said - we aren't telling you if we are going to strike. We will either show up or we don't. Seriously.


  1. And now we're down to five hours and I won't know if I'm taking the train to work until I check my email for BART alerts at 3:00am tomorrow morning. Hope they get their shit together by midnight. :(


  2. OMG! I'd completely forgotten about the strike I've been so busy today. I'd be doing the windmill if I was you. Because if they were going to strike - no one would want to sleep in or anything.