Friday, October 11, 2013

Heads up Displays go prime time with the Oakley Airwave.

Something about this made me really happy even though I've never been skiing. Augmented Reality is finally making it into products I can actually see people wearing. A few years ago I saw a prototype HUD, (bottom video) and at this same conference was Oakley. I don't know it to be true - but I wouldn't at all be surprised if these guys collaborated to make these ski glasses. They are sort of Halo-esk.

Oakley was really early into the augmented reality space. At the time I just couldn't figure out why. They didn't have a technology presence, but they kept turning up at these augmented reality conferences. But, I can actually see people wearing this. And apparently it's not a vapor wear product. Here is another boring-ish video of skiers using it on the slopes.

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