Friday, October 25, 2013

The world is hilarious.

I'm actually having quite a bit of fun with the whole Obamacare roll out. Seeing reporters talk about stuff they know zero about.

Seeing this administration trying to act like they can reproduce what it took Silicon Valley decades to perfect. And since the public is just as stupid as the rest of the nation regarding technology (since it just magically shows up on their desk) they don't know how it works either.

I think the fun has just begun. The website is insignificant to what else is coming.

This administration is so idiotic about poor people and how they view the world. I come from welfare. My mom was barely a teenager when she had me. I know a lot about the poor. Sadly, more than I want to know.

The neediest are the least likely to be tech savy or even have resources to be on the Internet. They are also the least likely to understand how to navigate the medical field making them use resources at a disproportionate rate. And the final worst thing - they are the least likely to gain new skills in any of these areas.

The whole thing is sad really. The people who really need help are not going to get it while robbing the resources of the people who would really improve the lives of poor people. Unfortunately a lot of idiots are going to have to suffer pain to realise their stupid view of the world only makes this group worse off. A lot of Silicon Valley fits into this criteria sadly. I really feel like they helped sell us out. And it's hard - I remember the old Silicon Valley. They weren't a slave to government.

The only thing that makes people learn is pain. The only thing. Unfortunately a lot of poor people will be hurt. And it's really a hard thing to watch because you want to help them, but their ideology is pretty much in line with a socialist system. I know because I came from there.

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