Thursday, October 10, 2013

First thoughts on the Nvidia Shield.

I've been pretty skeptical about this game system. I've never been much into handhelds. It's more of a guy thing. I'm am not the PSP demo. I like to come home and plant my ass on the couch and play a console system on the giant screen. The system is also oddly shaped and bulky looking. The games the system offers are anemic. What's to love?

After I started playing it for a little while I told Mr S. - I think I might completely reverse my opinion on this system. OMG I can't believe how much I like being able to watch TV and play video games. I didn't expect that. I had much less of a problem with it's shape and size than I thought. It is basically the size of an Xbox controller. Though because I'm a girl I do wish they had balanced it slightly different.

I know they aren't going for me as a target audience. Our bodies are just shaped differently. Even though it's about the same size as a game controller, I think because of the screen it really feels like your elbows are up in your boobs. Maybe that is a feature not a bug. Still, that is not effortless. If they would have just added a little more weight to the front it would balance in a way that it didn't feel like you were duking it out with your breasts. Just sayin'. I mean, if these companies ever thought girls would play they need to consider how it really feels to live in a girls body. I know. Waaaa.

I've only been playing it for half a day, but it is a fun little machine. The mouse cursor is off the chart ridiculous though. Some of the text is crazy tiny, and the mouse icon is crazy tiny. Try to select something tiny with something tiny. However some of the physics is pretty nice for a small machine.

Give us more games Nvidia! I mean, Sonic is fun. I was going to say 10 years ago... but okay - it's still fun.

It's also incredibly hard to take screen shots. The screen is super reflective. This is Darksiders II.

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