Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Because that's the kinda chick I am.

I was at a tech conference today. So.... you'd expect my first post would be about tech. Right? Oh no! You read this blog, I assume.

I noticed a lot more chicks in tech. I mean, it went from maybe 5% to a little more than 5%. Yeah. I guess. I don't really feel too much one way or the other. I'm not into the girl power thing. But what I did notice was that all of a sudden I got super possessive about the bathrooms.

You can't imagine what bliss it is to be a chick in a mans world when it comes to bathrooms. You barely see anyone in there, and they are soooooo clean! It's like having a private bathroom. Chicks can be pretty grodey most of the time. All of a sudden I was like - these chicks aren't going to be using my bathrooms are they? Yeah. My bathrooms. Where the hell did that come from?

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