Saturday, October 12, 2013

I gained a new euphemism today.

Today I was up at the Albany bulb. Which the internet describes as an "artist" community. That is really over glorifying it. 95% of it is a bum jetti. And I spent a few years being a beach bum when I was growing up. Still, these people have really ginormous compounds.

When I was a beach bum we took everything with us. These were hoarder encampments. One had a tent the size of which would fit a car. One camp was rocking a tiny solar panel. Mostly it was just homeless people. There is some beach art there, and some graffiti - but to call it an artist community was funny. I used to make drift wood wind chimes when I was growing up. I guess I'm an artist! But then, Berkeley's idea of art is twigs ala The Blair Witch project. So by their standards I am a fantastic artist. But now every time I see a homeless encampment I'm going to call it an "artist community".

I almost died of happiness because the skytypers were there. A few years ago they flew over my house. I wasn't even sure they were still in business. Maybe I will upload the video I got today of them later.

My S. called this the Charley Brown tree. It was filled with dream catchers instead of kites. I didn't think that detail would show up so you only get the trunk.

This is the dog ambassador of The Bulb. He adopted us and walked us out of the park the whole way.

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