Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soon everyone will be awake.

As you can imagine I've been talking to everyone about Obamacare. And.... it turns out most people are in full retard mode. Their stupidity is so breathtaking all I can do is stifle a terrified laugh. If you want to know why so many people didn't fight against Obamacare I'm here to tell you why.

Not one of them thought it would affect them. Seriously. If I hear one more person say this I'm going to lose my shit. Grown adults who should know better. Take this conversation I had before my conference yesterday with my chiropractor.

Me- Is Obamacare affecting you yet?

Him - It doesn't take affect for a year. (note he is a business owner, so for him it doesn't start for a year)

Me- Yeah, but everyone is in open enrollment right now. They are all starting to figure out how much extra they are going to pay.

Him - Obamacare is never going to affect me. 85% of my patients pay all cash.

Me- Yeah, but all of their premiums are going up. That is going to trickle down. You can't add millions of people to a system, plus a huge bureaucracy and not expect it to not affect you. How do you expect them to pay you?

(I also pay cash because Chiropractors aren't really covered much under insurance. I still pay for insurance)

Then he had some nonsensical logic about the administration trying to attract young guys to pay for the system.

Him - Well, they have to pay because they are going to get fined.

Me - That is never going to happen.

Him - Sure it is. They are going to get fined it they don't.

This is where I became aghast.

Me - Imagine you saying this to your 20 year old self? Can you imagine if someone told you that? You'd tell them to fuck off.

Then he tried to convince me more with the fine. I wasn't having any of it.

Me - Men are never going to pay that fine. I've known guys who skip out on child support! That is never happening.

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