Thursday, September 20, 2012

That is really twisted.

Despite the horrid news of the world and everything - I've actually been feeling better each and every day. It feels sad to say, but I'm slightly enjoying watching the world burn. Normally these types of things really affect me. That is not who I want to be as a human. However, every single day now - it just reinforces my position. Romney will win.

I don't believe people are much different than I am. I believe they basically want the same things. To not wake up every morning wondering if your shit is going to be gone even though you are working your ass off. And not to be made to feel guilty for wanting to buy an ipod, ipad, ginormous tv, or what the eff ever.

Every single horrible news event makes me feel like another small amount of people will peel off and turn against this administration. Not all of them today, but a little bit every day. I see it in the conversations I have with people. I see it when I read forums. I see it in how easy it is to cave the majority in this state. I believe the news has trickled down to every single person. And they are resentful of the government. Sometimes even I am surprised by it.

I used to try and express my opinion about the world and everything. Now people are way more bitchy than me. I just step out and watch.

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