Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wow. I guess Im officially a landlord. I had to issue my first pay or quit today.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no. Our landlady has been trying to get the losers next door to pay up since May. She hand-delivered them a warning letter last month. It's September 2nd and they're still here, so I guess it's the PD or Sheriffs next. :( Hope you won't have to resort to that.

Purple Magpie

she said: said...

Thank you.

If I were her I'd say "oh no!" You mean I get to raise my rent? I just don't get the tenant logic these days. If you are living a place that hasn't raised your rent in the last 4 years, you better shut the eff up and pay your rent. Rent is the only investment in the last 4 years that is returning 5% a year. Solidly.

Mine is pulling the "you'll be sorry when I'm gone" I just laugh inside. Rent has gone up enough that I'm thinking about getting a property manager to yell at these people.