Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I believe people have finally had enough.

I have always thought President Money Bags would be a one term President. Always.

Having said that, this past year has really tested my faith in people. Clearly a lot more of them had romantic feelings about socialism than I anticipated. Even now I'm not sure what the balance is. I mean, in California as long as I can remember they've always been here. But you thought the makeup was about 10% of the population. At least the more extreme ones. I once went to a county fair and there was a t-shirt vendor full out selling shirts with the hammer and sickle. At a fair! It happens unsurprisingly often.

Still, a month ago when the reports came out about how well PMB was doing I would just chuckle and mutter "if you say so". Every day since then I only become more convinced. I believe that what we are witnessing is a stated preference vs. revealed preference. And their revealed preference will be that they are done with this President.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor whom I've known for about 10 years. During small talk he turned to me and said "I don't know anyone who is in positive equity". And I do not believe this guy was being dramatic. I've known him for a really long time. I mean, you read the numbers of roughly 25% underwater. But that is 100% for his demo. I absolutely do not believe people are okay with this. No matter what you say about housing as an investment - it's the few ways normal people increase wealth. It always has been. So, either that is an anomaly, or this is an anomaly.

I've always kinda kept track of the housing market. When I was growing up I had to move every year. Owning a house meant a certain amount of freedom to me. Which is funny to say because the trend right now is that owning a house is the opposite of freedom. I believe this is a fad, and the way I felt as a kid will prevail.


  1. During Rubio's speech at the RNC I had my own little epiphany of what God means to our country in philosophical, not religious, terms. They want to take out God from everything. God given rights becomes man given rights and if man gave then they can take them away. I try to use that to target their emotional level, because they rarely listen to the facts of how bad obama is doing.

  2. But, God doesn't reliably or consistently talk to those who believe in him. So we have to rely on a consensus of individuals to maintain order in the world.

    I think people will start listening to how bad he is doing. Not all of them today. But a little more each day.