Saturday, September 08, 2012

Today was tiresome. (Mr S. says puns make everything better.)

Project days can be kinda rough. Especially when you are out of practice. I'd forgotten how long it takes to gather supplies. You go to one store and they don't have what you need, so you wind up going to another. It eats up a lot of time.

I even took some time out for do-gooderism. Some guy's car was stuck in the middle of the road and Mr S. and I pushed him out. When we started pushing it was just the two of us, but before you knew it - people just materialised. This has happened once before, and it almost makes you feel better than the actual act of helping someone. You just start pushing and you look to your right and left, and all of a sudden people are there, pushing too. It feels neat because I don't mind helping getting people out of the middle of traffic. Back in the day I had to push a lot of cars I've owned. If you couldn't push your own car and clutch start it, you just weren't worth your weight in salt. But seeing all those people step up kinda feels amazing in a way.

The funny thing was: 30 seconds earlier I wanted to punch that guy in the neck. I was in a hurry and he was holding me up. All these little things were eating into the day. Mr S. said it was like someone flipped a switch in my head and I instantly went from cranky to wanting to help that guy.

After that I went back home to get my beater truck. Mr S. went to fill the tires because I was going to haul about 600 pounds, and the tire stem completely popped out of the rear right tire. We stuff it back in, and I tried to run it straight to the shop, but didn't make it. The tire went flat in under a mile. Stuck in the middle of the road I laughed about the irony. Mr S. got a refresher course on changing tires. Because we don't really have to do that in California. Usually you have a slow leak and you take it to the gas stations that reside on every other block. I've never had to change a tire here. And it isn't because I'm a girl.

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