Saturday, September 22, 2012

Luna Park Chalk Art

Luna Park was pretty good this year. I went the first couple of years and it was really small. But, that is when Marin was still having theirs. Marin is where the really dedicated artists went. The budget hasn't allowed for that for a couple of years. So it's nice to see more artists in San Jose now. Especially since my favorite breakfast restaurant up in Marin called Lundies just got plowed through by a car. I was laughing a little because that place is barely as wide as a car. Two people can not pass the isle (singular) at the same time. I think there are 10 tables tops and the bar.

Of course I had to get my dog on. Because Mr S. is allergic. And this one had the cutest stripe like markings.

This is one of those perspective shots.

This little girl was working on this heart, and I'd thought it just be so cute if she was inside of it. Although she was a little camera shy. I don't think she understood why I wanted her to stand in the middle of the heart. I finally had to say.. it's okay. And she full out popped a smile and relaxed. Photographing kids these days causes a lot of anxiety for me. Kids are beat to death with stranger danger which they should. But I'm a girl. I always try to ask the parents. Just so everyone is okay. And you don't want to put a picture of someones kid on your blog if they don't want you to.

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