Monday, September 10, 2012

Destiny brought me to you.

I told you about my flat tire on Saturday. After Mr S. got that fixed, we still decided to regroup and get supplies for our project. The flat tire wasn't that much of a big deal, except for the part where I thought some idiot with a cell phone was going to rear end me. That aside, it basically just threw us off our game. We roll up to OSH super late in the day. Its kind of funny, right about three o'clock on a Saturday you just see this migration of people shuffling into the hardware stores. Like zombies. They have the zombie shuffle from doing whatever project they were doing. I imagine them saying "parts" instead of "brains".

Anyway. I roll up first because I have the truck, and after I stop I see this Tesla sedan. Which honestly just changes my whole mood. Despite being exhausted and stressed - seeing it just made me happy. Mr S. has been on the lookout at his work because some of the execs were waiting for their Tesla's to be delivered. He's been scouring the parking decks to get a peek. I thought he'd see one there first. No luck though, and this is the first one I've seen.

It isn't a bad looking car honestly. The sun was not working with me, and read the above if you don't like my shots.

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