Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I've reached a new phase.

I forget exactly how it started. Though, I think it began when I started noticing that liberals were starting to crumble easily. Self I though - that is odd.

Conversations went something like - Oh, that Romney did this or that. To which I'd reply, well - your guy did that too. More exasperated they start again - well Romney bla bla bla! I'd laugh and say - Well, your guy did that too only worse! Then all of a sudden I was a racist and it was all over. Which I thought was super funny. It used to take a lot more than that to get to the racist point.

Just as a side note - I'd vote PMB out just so I can say shitty things about the President without being called a racist every two seconds. That nerve is dead. It makes me laugh they think that still works.

I started having conversations with Mr S. about how their resistance was low, and really all you had to do to shut down a conversation was talk about automatic budget cuts. Everyone is disguising it by calling it "the fiscal cliff". That is bullshit. Automatic budget cuts! It's the one area they can't blame on anyone else. And it terrifies them. As it should.

I believe everyone deep down inside knows we are headed on a terrifying path. But they don't want to admit it openly yet. They can't. They have to keep up the status quo. But they do know. And you only need to bring it up in a certain way and they fall silent.

I've learned a lot about people and the lies they tell themselves and others during this recession. I was in the demo where pretty much everyone I knew had purchased a house in the last 10 years. Almost none of them have those houses now. The only reason I still have mine is not because I was smarter than anyone else. It was because I came from a hard knocks childhood, and I was more scared than everyone else. I had more protection.

So, I guess my new phase is - that I think most off all of this is funny right now. I mean, seeing the human suffering sucks. But I don't see anything that will make people learn except for pain. Nothing else has worked. And if Romney wins, I don't actually think it makes much difference. One wants you to work, and the other doesn't. But the rest.....


  1. She said "I'd vote PMB out just so I can say shitty things about the President without being called a racist every two seconds."

    Yup. That's a great reason, but as another California blogger I read said, "I'd vote for a sh*t sandwich over PMB." Well, HE didn't say PMB, but you get it.

    the word Chicago is racist, the word (idea?) of Golf is racist, yadayadayada. I'll be so happy next January when he's gone.

    Hey, did you delete a post? I coulda sworn (well, not in front of a lady) that I commented on something, but I can't find it.

    John from...

  2. Someone in California said that? Who is it! I mean, there is only like three of us. We have to keep track of each other.

    Nope I don't delete posts. Especially if they have comments. I have been getting a ton of spam lately. I think the one you are looking for has no title. That's probably why you can't search for it.

  3. It always steams me how them pol's talk about how they are going to "pay for" tax cuts.

    You only have to talk about paying for tax cuts if you have no intention of reducing spending.

  4. They should pay for them with the tax credits they are going to give Solyndra execs.