Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Android. Fix your effing infinite boot loop problems!

Yesterday I was so pissed off. Honestly it ruined my whole day. You see, this past summer I had the boot loop problem. Since I was link hopping with my phone I wasn't sure if I'd gotten a phone virus. So I sucked it up and went to factory reset.

Sunday, when I woke up though, my phone was in the boot loop again. I knew there was no way to get out of this, and went down to the Sprint store this time to see if they could at least get my data off. Because in the boot loop, your phone is never stable enough to do that.

The Sprint store was as unhelpful as ever. But they can't get the data off either. He pointed to some other sad sucker who was waiting for the same thing.

Back to factory reset I go. Which pisses me off so hard. You lose all your old text messages and phone numbers. I was slightly glad some of my stuff was in the cloud. However, I don't want my text messages in the cloud. I want to be able to get my shit off the phone when I want to.

When your disk drive dies, you hook it up to another machine and get your data. Unless it's completely chunked. Cell phones don't even have memory cards these days.

If you think cell phones are going to be tiny computers, make it so we can get our data off like computers. I mean, these days I start to keep less and less stuff on my phone because you are probably going to lose it at one point. And that sucks.


  1. That sucks donkey balls. :( Is it a problem with your specific model or with the Android platform in general??? Maybe I should count myself lucky that I still have a "dumb" phone.

    Do you need my # again?


  2. Yeah. Lucky for you I get to ask for it over and over again.

    It seems to be a problem with the platform. Although Mr S. has the same phone and his has never done it. It honestly made me want to buy an iphone. I bet they don't have infinite boot loop problems. I mean, I have business texts I'm really pissed are gone.