Monday, September 17, 2012

Right on schedule.

This morning I got up and scanned the news to find nothing but how Romney is a big dumb dummy. And he's made this risky move, or that risky move.

And I just laugh to myself.

I believe Romney can do just about anything at this point - because I believe the next two months will be so painful - nothing else but the economy will matter. We know what this administration is going to give us. You can't help but wonder where you will be in four years if the economy stays like this.

Then oil takes a huge tumble when we are in the middle of a middle east crisis? Again, I laugh to myself. Right on schedule - I think.

Which sucks, because even I don't like that guy. Immediately he's going to have to take us into war, and we can't afford that.

For at least the past six months I've been having quite the struggle with the middle east. I don't believe we should be the worlds policeman. First and foremost. Having said that - some days I just want all of that to stop. I vacillate from wanting to look away, but then I wonder if some of the worlds other atrocities started that way. Maybe more of them knew than we think. It just became so painful to watch. So they stopped.

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