Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm starting to believe that companies will never care about customer service.

I had a huge weekend filled with stuff to do. However my washing machine died again on Friday. I've probably had to fix it a half of dozen times now. And I've been limping it through because of the economy.

I decided I couldn't take it anymore. It was taking up to many hours to keep it living, and it'd always die when I had a lot of stuff to do.

Friday night we went out and virtual shopped. Decided on a set that would fit my space. Went back down to Lowe's on Saturday morning to purchase the set. The washer they had in stock. The dryer was back ordered because I need gas.

If I wasn't in a pinch I would have waited for Lowe's to make one delivery, but I was in a pinch and two different sales clerks and two different Lowe's told me the same thing - they would come out twice no problem.

Saturday night we got a robo call setting our delivery time. We were impressed.

Sunday morning Lowe's calls to tell us that the washer wasn't coming. They just didn't stick it on the truck. The guy failed to read the comments in the order and since the dryer wasn't there, he just didn't load it.

Later I was still pissed about it. I got up early to get my stuff done, and moved my whole day around for this delivery. So, I called customer service for the delivery company. Who tried to tell me it wasn't in stock. Which I knew was a lie since the first store told me how many they did have in stock. Both companies were basically blaming each other. Finally I flat out told the girl - when companies do this stuff, I want to make you the last company I shop at for something. Did I get an "I'm sorry"? Well, of sorts. I got an "I'm sorry you feel that way". Which made me think - IT MAKES EVERYONE FEEL THAT WAY. Not one attempt to make this better. Just basically a "deal with it". And I bought on the high end because it's the only thing the was short enough to fit in my space. I have a counter over the set, so I'm super limited now.

It just super pisses me off, because they sort of took me hostage. You can bet your ass I would have gone to another store until they promised me they could get a washer in my house the next day. These people have seen the durable goods numbers. Right? Companies are floating on appliances.

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