Monday, March 26, 2012

OMG. Whaat ... the... hell - did I just see?


Steve B said...

Also known as an "LSD Orgasm."

Anonymous said...

Lovebird p0rn, OMG. (Hahaha, the species' zoological name is Agapornis.) Where do you find this shit?!?! LOL!

Purple Magpie

Captcha: hssaye gropid. :D

she said: said...

Steve - is that some Euphemism? You are effing with me. Right? Because, I would have guessed something more like X. Stick a little laser ball and some club music.

PurpleMagpie - At first I thought you were joking. It has porn right in the name for effs sake@! That is funny, Yo. I was practically crying by the end of the video. Then I thought it was dubbed.

This thread is not going to help with the deviant searches I get to my site, for sure.