Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Farmhouse Gallery.

Today I was over at the San Fransisco flower show. Ug, Don't ask. It was going to be cars today, but it's raining. Which is a bummer because my car sugar is low.

Anyway, It can have some really interesting stuff. It will also make you leave in a rage. I mean - I don't understand why you have to stop in the middle of an isle and have a conversation. But I'm getting off track.

Normally I'd just give you a picture dump, but there was one artist from Canada that I found kinda interesting. His stuff was well lit. Loves it. It was different. I mean, I'm not sure what his customer base would be. But I liked it in a weird way. So I gave him a whole post. I couldn't find a webpage for him, but I did run across this article talking about the artist and has his contact info.

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