Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And now for something completely different.

One of the trends I saw emerging at CES was these inexpensive handheld USB digital microscopes. I took a few pictures, but I got sidetracked, or became too ADD to get a coherent story about them on the blog. They had pretty good resolution for being so inexpensive. Honestly, the very same month I went to a conference where people were selling high powered microscopes, and wondered if they knew these handheld devices would eventually become more commonplace and eat into their profits.


Mr S. bought me one for my birthday in Feb, and I just never got around to playing with it. But, now I welcome you to the world of micro photography.


  1. Oooh! Ooh! Which one did you get? I want one for my wife. How much, where. DetailS!!

  2. Ditto what Steve said!!!! (I don't want to get one for my wife, though. I just want it for myself, hahaha, and I'm sure the Green Magpie would like it just as much.)

    Purple Magpie

  3. Girly Girl! You made it through the firewall/attack dogs of captcha.

    This is the one Mr S. bought me. The prices have come down since he bought. I think this one ships from Adorama. Even though Amazon lists it.

    He chose this one because the still capture resolution was 1600x1200. There are more expensive ones with better magnification, but the still image capture resolution wasn't as great.

    The focus roller leaves a lot to be desired. And you'll have to improvise a better stand. I think they will get better over time.

    I'm gonna load it on Mr S's laptop. Because all the good stuff is outside. Well, at least the lighting is better.

    I guess I am going to push out those pictures of the ones I saw at CES. Because ya'all are more curious than I thought you'd be.