Thursday, March 08, 2012

The world in sepia.

Oh wait. That is just the real world. HT SFist.

"This shot, snapped today by djhexhector, shows a thirsty vineyard crying out for rain and fruit in Healdsburg."

It is going to be a rough, rough, summer for those who want things to live. Sure, in the day it's been a pretty nice winter. But, we've had way more freeze warnings this year, which is unusual.

So, it's just not the lack of water, but the frost that comes in night after night and just ravages stuff. It is just really dry in Cali.

A lot of days, my hair is just floating in space because the moisture levels are so low in the air. I've already started preparing my house for fire season. Which sucks, because I'm still sitting on a cord of wood. eep!

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