Monday, March 12, 2012

Caught in your undertow.

If you are ever near Martinez, you have to make it by this town Port Costa. It's as if Twin Peaks had sex with Sedona Arizona. It is kitchy. And with a town of 250 residents, it's quirky. There once used to be a doll museum. I swear I don't know why some budding film maker doesn't shoot a horror film there. The town is perfect for one.

The town basically consists of a few stores, a hotel, and an old biker bar. Which obviously is the main attraction. It has a giant stuffed bear in it. And when is the last time you've seen that? The walls are filled with kitchy stuff. Next door they have an oddities store. But, it was closed.

It's the sort of place you could lose yourself for a day, and feel like you've stepped back in time. And you'd play that Twin Peaks theme song in your head every moment you spent there.

Mr S. and I considered buying a house and gentrifying it. But only if we could get amazon to deliver stuff to the house. The roads in are sort of narrow. At one point I'd asked one of the people who lived there if they got Amazon deliveries. She'd never heard of it. AMAZON! No one she knows has ever said the word They must not get TV there.


Steve B said...

How do you FIND these places?! You have some sort of cosmic gift. Great photos.

she said: said...

Hahahah. Thanks! I have to keep my readers entertained some how. We know my shining personality struggles.

Some stuff I stumble upon. I like going to events more for the idea I'll find something unusual on the way there. I'm grouchy, but people like me. Sometimes I find interesting stuff just that way.

I can't take credit for this one though. It was a tip we got when we were shooting that natgas plant a couple of days ago.

As soon as I found out the town had a stuffed bear - I had to go. Wouldn't you?

The Kid said...

awesome place!