Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boy - President Money Bags is squealing really hard for someone who thought five dollar gas, was no big deal.


Anonymous said...

Kind of crazy to think that I paid $2.02 a gallon yesterday in downtown Ripon. That's a 10% decline since gas broke $4 a gallon and a 30% decline over the last 6 months. Meanwhile Exxon and other "oil" companies just announced a $40 billion (w/ a b) Alaskan project so that they can sell it to the Chinese. Chevy even said that they are going to build a gas/cng hybrid once again. Believe it or not, my van is up 300% since I bought it. I can understand making money by selling your clunkers to PMB, but who knew it was even possible to profit on a vehicle in the free market too. They're supposed to lose money every day. Maybe even crazier is that I'm about to pull the trigger on a CNG bus, so that I can arbitrage PMB's funky energy solution for as long as I possibly can.

she said: said...

What on earth do you need a bus for? For the dogs? You should just set up a nice little trust fund for them. Hahahah.

I swear, you are starting to sway me. At least there is some resale value on a vehicle like that in the future. Instead of getting a brick with electric.

I might have to find a way out into your neighborhood. Because I'm becoming really curious about how all of that works. Although performance cars are probably out with cng. right? 0-50 in... what?

Anonymous said...

I need the bus for a new startup. We're going to mod it, so that it works better for our needs. I'll still have to get a class B license to drive it though. We're still in stealth mode so I can't get into the details online, but this is one of the more crazier ideas that I've tried. I have a funny feeling that both you and Mr. S will get a kick out of it when you see it in person. I've never seen a sports car with a CNG, but they sell kits for $3k that can convert almost any vehicle.

You can also spend $3k for a fillup at home station and PG&E will sell you gas right from your home at about $1.15 a gallon. I'm going to pick one up if I do buy the bus, but isn't really worth it for an around the town van.

she said: said...

Oh. Now you've got my curiosity up. Just draw up an NDA, and I'll sign it. You know you want to tell me. ;) I mean, not over the webs. Obviously.