Sunday, March 04, 2012

I thought this was kinda interesting.

I've been spending a little time out in San Mateo lately. So, I've had to travel across the San Mateo bridge. On one side of the bridge I'd seen these cranes and this new structure they were erecting. I thought it was geometrically interesting. I'd never seen anything like it. So, this weekend we went to investigate.

Mr S. pulls right on the property. There weren't any signs posted not to. I popped out and walked about a hundred feet to the middle of this pond. I liked the structure reflecting off the water.

As soon as I got my camera up, in the distance I could hear "excuse me". And in my peripheral vision, I could see about three people walking towards the car where Mr S. was.

Now if you've ever been shut down photographing and filming - you start to develop all of these ways to get the shots you want before you are kicked out. So, I just kept taking photos pretending I didn't hear the woman. She kept calling for me. So after I'd gotten a couple of shots - I walked up to her. I was sure this might be my first no trespassing ticket, or she'd try to force me to delete the shots. She only delivered the predictable "you can't photograph here". I was done so I didn't care. But I did ask her what that thing was. Which turned out to be a natural gas power plant. I thanked her for being so nice when she kicked me off the property. I was nice. She was only trying to do her job. Everyone was cool. And really - you can find out a lot of information if you are just chill with the people.

When I get back to the car (escorted), Mr S. was talking to one of the construction dudes who was there for backup. I assume. After he realized we weren't terrorists, it seemed like he would have spend a lot longer talking to us. He wanted to talk about the structure. He kept getting called on the radio, but he kept talking to us. It was only when they started calling him so many times we parted ways. He also gave us a few new places to go photograph stuff. Like out by Crocket, and Portacosta. Which made me happy I didn't get all shitty on them. Because there really weren't any signs posted that said I couldn't do what I did.

It did make me wonder though - how many of these things they are building. It was actually relatively small. I bet the whole plant could fit on maybe 5, 10 acres.

After all, this could alter my feelings about green cars and crap.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's a nat gas plant, but they're building one near my house and if I walk my dogs on the street next to it, the security guard will drive in his pick up truck on his side of the fence really slow and follow me. It's almost funny because it's probably the most action he gets all day, but I guess you really need too much security when it comes to these types of buildings.