Saturday, June 06, 2009


Today Mr S. and I made it over to Capitola. Normally in the summer - this is a trip that would send me into a frenzy. With the normal summer bumper to bumper traffic over highway 17 I'd expected I would be on tilt fairly quickly.

Yet today's trip did an enormous amount to lift my spirits. The weather was amazing. The traffic generally light. The crowds courteous. It doesn't really get much better than that.

I even found myself being the voice of calm to Mr S. who is usually laid back. I started early in the trip setting his expectations. Remember Mr S. - this is the beach. Everyone is on beach time. Even when the waitress at Margaritaville tried to harsh my mellow by almost spilling a demi cup of ketchup on me - I still felt better than I had in weeks.

I've decided that there is something about the beach that must live in me. I spent so much time there growing up being a beach bum. It's just very calming to my soul. I don't get over there often enough.

If the houses weren't so expensive, I'd buy a house there. A wonderful crapshack. But, the commute would make it not worth it. And I don't fully understand how people make money there.

Even when I lived over there I couldn't figure it out. I had 5 room-mates. The owner of the house I was staying at was a retired narcoleptic psychotherapist. Yeah, I've lived a weird life.

Yet, if I could find a way to make it work - I'd buy a house close to the beach.

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