Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All signs point to yes.

This is a bit more personal information than I typically give out - but, I don't know these people and the whole thing is the most ridiculous turn of events on the planet. It reads like a seedy novel.

Hopefully you read yesterdays post where I wondered if my mom was a home wrecker. My Aunt assured me she wasn't. Though I still had my misgivings.

In my last interaction with "alleged blood relation" - I asked her how her family felt that she actually managed to track me down. Because remember, my birth comes before the last child was born in her family. I still have a sneaky suspicion my mom broke up their family. I also asked if she'd had a relationship with her dad before he died.

This is roughly the reply she gave me. She said she didn't really have a relationship with him. They were living in another state when her mom said they were moving back to the state where her dad lived and that they were going to go visit him. When they got to that state, they went to the state penitentiary where he was at. She didn't know why he was there.

I let this news settle in a bit and tell Mr S. "now the only thing I can think about is trying to find out why he was in the pen". I'd learned from court documents that the alleged blood relation is learning disabled. I told you, you can find a lot of crazy stuff about people on the net. Though she has never come outright and said so, it's somewhat obvious in her writing. Otherwise I might have just said "well, ask your mom why he was in the pen". And her mom doesn't seem to want to talk about it anyway.

Mr S. and I placed our bets on why he might have gone to the pen. And I paid for a background check. He's dead anyway.

Listed under criminal background were the words - NV Child Sex.

Remember yesterday I told you that my mom was a teenage mother? Yeah, well now I think my mom sent him to the pen! I'm not positive, but there is nothing else listed under criminal offenses. There is that whole saying 15 will get you 20. The offense is even listed in the county in which I was told I'd have to file to get copies of child support judgements. So this has to be him. Though he never admitted I was his, he did agree to child support.

Now, the odd thing is - the story in my family is that my mom set out to get pregnant. There was never any doubt that even though underage, the whole thing was completely consensual. Some may argue that anything done under the age of 18 can not be consensual, and that is how the law sees it.

It's also odd that when I talked to my Aunt she did mention the law getting involved. But said "I don't remember if he went to jail or not". Okay fine. It's been a while, but not that long! You'd think that's the kind of thing people would remember. She's not even retirement age - her memory can't be that bad.

And now! The new alleged blood relation seems to have been left in the dark as to the circumstances of my birth. She's older than I am. How do I even deal with that?


  1. I do not desire your problems right now. All I can say is use your best judgement. You seem to be able to use it pretty well on the blog, just do what your judgement tells you and you should be ok.

    Or you could try to find her mom and get some info there for better decision making.

  2. Well, Keyser's always very curious about the sordid details of other people's lives, but that's in the abstract (and the dirty laundry in the Söze family is all very much out in the open, so it's not like much digging is needed for that). But if what you're suggesting happened is the real story, Keyser can't help but think that nothing good will come from stirring up the muck at the bottom of the "supposed other family's" pond. Under the circumstances, it's hardly surprising that supposed relative's mother isn't too keen on talking about this. And if supposed relative is "challanged" (as they say), it's sort of unfair to get her involved if she's not really in a position to deal with the situation well.

    Keyser has to say that if he were you, he'd do everything he could do get to the truth. But he also has to say that not being you, his advice would be to let sleeping dogs lie.

    But it's your call! Hope it turns out well...

  3. Hedging your bets, huh? That is what I would have recommended too.

    Sadly, or amusingly, depending on the day - I will probably keep picking this scab until I feel something. Then it will suck. I should have stopped earlier.

    After all, my brain is wired to try and make sense out of disorder. Especially when there is no sense to be made. We all have our quirks.

  4. No, not hedging. It's an accurate assessment of how Keyser would react to this situation. If it were him, he'd want to know the truth, but looking at things objectively, he'd readily admit his suspicion that it would probably end in tears (for somebody).

    Let's hope it doesn't!