Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's uncomfortable questions.

Did my mom wreck your moms marriage?

Yeah, you heard me right.

After some starts and stops - the sister thing continues. Mainly due to persistence on her part. Not annoying persistence mind you. Yet, the whole thing might have fallen apart without it. I still don't understand her need to dredge up the past, but neither of us are willing to walk away. Apparently.

Mr S. claimed I wasn't being nice, and asked me to consider not having such a wall up. I scoffed and asserted that I wasn't even completely sure we are even related. But, in the end I took his advice and calmed my decidedly defensive tone down. I have to admit, I might have calmed down earlier if she'd confirmed if the small bits of information I'd given her fit with what she knew from her family.

As it turns out - I may never get the information I want. Including complete confirmation of blood relation. Yet the information she has given me so far- reasonably matches some of what I know. Her mom holds all the keys to the safe, and she doesn't want to talk. Which of course piques my interest.

I have to admit, after becoming an adult - this stuff just wasn't important to me. Now that I've got this puzzle game going on, I needed to call my Aunt and find out what she remembered. My Aunt assures me, my mom didn't break their family up. Though I do find it odd that one of the siblings is younger than me. Two older. It makes it hard for me to believe that maybe my mom didn't have something to do with it.

I guess also depending on your view, there is a problem with my mom being a teenage mother. I've mentioned it before on the blog about just how young my mom was. Maybe her mom doesn't want her to know. I don't know. We are all adults now, I can't imagine why her mom won't talk to her about it.

At any rate - I don't know what will come of this. It is just weird. The whole thing.

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  1. Oh...huh...I never even though about that toatlly uncomfortable possibility.