Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You're not so special.

Last year when I ran across one of these, I never thought I'd see another one in my life. They are suppose to be really rare.

Circumhorizontal arc I believe is what I am seeing. You can see other pictures of them here. Although, damn! I need to invest in better filters. Some of those pictures are really doctored. More than heavily tweaking the fstops like I had to do. After all, your eye can see much greater detail than your camera can.

Anyway, I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked outside and looked up and saw it again. So, maybe this happens every year. Roughly at the same time of the year, and time. I came in to switch lens's once, and looked at the clock. It was 3:04. The time stamp on last years post is within minutes of that time.

Last year, the arc was definitely more vivid. I didn't even have my camera in the right mode to capture it well it happens so quickly. For me to see it randomly two years in a row I'm guessing it is more common than people think.