Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all because of greed.

I have to admit - if I hear this phrase one more time - I will flip out. Why is it greed when the private sector wants to make money? Yet it isn't greed when union workers want benefits for life?

How can 12% of the work force take the other 88% hostage? And no one says a frickin thing? Why do I constantly worry about my job, yet union workers can constantly picket and get whatever they want? They whine and complain about a little overtime, (Here)when the rest of us are simply working 7daysx24 without compensation. We are thankful to have work. Yet these bastards shut down an air force base, car companies and who knows what else before they are done.

Instead of working harder and producing a better product - they work less and expect more. On the backs of everyone in the private sector. No one says anything.

Then, my new favorite union. SEIU is pulling this little stunt:

From the LA times.

"The state’s biggest labor union is launching a $1-million TV advertising campaign promoting new taxes on the oil, tobacco and liquor industries in hopes of dissuading lawmakers from adopting the deep social services cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."

I have to admit, I'd never paid much attention to this union until about a year ago when they tried to extort money from Mr S's company. Now they are fully on my radar.

Don't even get me started about the teachers union and what they have done to our state. You know, when I was growing up - we had 30+ kids to a class room. No one died. We all turned out pretty well.

When is enough enough? Which way to you think our president will side? Our military or our unions? Just curious.


  1. Surely, the very definition of a union is the attempt to gain more for your labor than you could otherwise get through the threat of collective violence. So what's the surprise?

    And if your employer is the government, you don't even have to threaten much!

  2. So.. I hear you saying "what did you expect".

    (This is me shrugging)