Monday, June 01, 2009

It - is an illness.

A crapshack just came on the market about 5 blocks from my house.

Oh - it doesn't look to be one of those foreclosures. It has all the hallmarks of neglect from age. Old Buick in the driveway. Pea gravel in the yard, and the telltale overgrown bushes that come with old people.

I just know it looks horrible inside. It looks horrible on the outside! I'm betting the colors brown and green envelope it's insides. Maybe orange. Yet I crave it. And, if I had money - I would buy it and turn it into something a nice family who wanted to live in a great school district would love. It's wonderfully under-priced even in this market.

Yes.. even now. Even with how scary the past year has been - I still think of buying old houses that time is trying to take back. Loving them for a brief time, and setting them free.

If only I could get them to leave.

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