Friday, June 05, 2009


When the democrats came into power this year - Mr S. and I actually had a bit of a fight. I don't even remember exactly what was said. I do however rolling my eyes and saying something like "oh Mr S. That is ridiculous. They would never do any of those things. People wouldn't let them".

I wasn't even concerned at all about the change in power. Mainly because a lot of days I actually still consider myself somewhat of a democrat. I also consider myself somewhat of a conservative. I pretty much don't care what you do - I just want to keep the money I make. Which really probably means I'm more of an independent. But, not one of those crazy Ron Paul independents.

Okay, maybe I do remember some of the things that were discussed. Welfare. It was Mr S.'s assertion that the dems wanted to get people back on welfare. I thought that was the most preposterous thing I'd ever heard.

When I was growing up - being on welfare was embarrassing. My grandmother died on welfare. My mother qualified for food stamps for along time when I was growing up - she refused to use them. Even if it meant going without food. I couldn't believe a society who had so much control over their lives would embrace welfare. Would embrace government cheese - over real cheese.

I'm not even being pithy. I remember the days of foot long blocks of government cheese. Even in my childhood I couldn't believe this stuff qualified. You'd try to cut it and it would basically fall apart. Yet it seems like I completely misjudged where society was on this whole welfare thing.

Which brings me really to the issue that is bothering me. There needs to be someone to pay for welfare. Yet the government is pretty much cock blocking the productive members of society. Every time I see a path to make money, the administration comes in and cock blocks me. Everyday they agitate the market. Or fuck with something. Or take something away. It frankly is just exhausting. And no one seems to care.

It is unbelievable to me that people are so removed from understanding how these programs are paid for. And how much suffering comes from people on the welfare roles.

Mostly I don't understand how a nation is just okay with an administration who is hell bent on making everyone equally poor. I actually never thought I would never see suffering like when I was growing up. I'm starting to think I was wrong. Sure I thought we'd have recessions, but I didn't think I would see true poverty on such a large scale ever again. It is just frustrating.

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