Monday, June 15, 2009

I apparently manipulate people.

Today, it's hard to decide which story is more interesting to tell. My new family drama or my renter. Since I just talked to the renter, I will go with that one.

Last week my renter gave me notice.

This of course made me a little scared. But, I'd promised him a year. He'd paid his rent for the month completing the year. I hadn't talked to him much in the last few months. It's been stressful. I wanted to get the point across I didn't need to talk to him every month. Overall, I was fine with him moving. I never actually thought he would last the whole year anyway.

So when I talked to him last week, we basically spent most of the time catching up. We were about 2/3's through our conversation when he said "hey, did you hear what happened with the neighbor". My basic reply was "no.. I don't keep track of what's going on over there".

Apparently he and the neighbor had become BFF's, and now they were having a falling out. Which made me laugh. Ohhhh - that's why you are moving out, I say. He denied it. Whatever.

Later on that night though, I asked Mr S. if he thought I could get our renter to not move out. It isn't so much the money. Rents have really come up in the last few months. I could get much more. But, I sort of know this guy and I feel like he isn't fing my place up.

Since I felt this fight with the neighbor was really at the root of the problem - a light went off in my head. He's sort of an emotional guy, and maybe I could push some of his ego buttons. Normally I'm not this kind of person. But, there I found myself. Truth be told, most people aren't that predictable.

So I sent him a text basically saying "renter! Don't let that dude chase you off, you chase him off so I can sell my house one day".

Obviously the neighbor isn't the reason I couldn't sell me house, but he doesn't help. He too is a renter, and pretty much a tard. I had problems with him when I was fixing up the crapshack.

At any rate, my renter was adamant he was leaving. But his roommate wanted to stay in the place. On Friday "renter" was going to come over, and maybe I was going to meet the roommate. I'm not sure. He was a no-show.

On Sat I sent the renter a text saying if the roommate and I couldn't reach a deal I was going to put an ad in the paper today.

The text came back "I'm staying longer" Since I was already busy doing other crap I replied "what? I'll call you on Monday". Mr S. and I kinda laughed. We'd planned on scouting out our rental competition the next day. Which we never wound up doing.

Anyway. I talked to the renter earlier today, and maybe I got to him - because he's now not moving. (shrug)

More interestingly, we've sort of gotten to this place where we are friends again? Question mark on purpose. It was sort of a rocky patch making a place between business and friendship, and maybe we've found a balance. Today - of course. All subject to change.

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