Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A hawk goes soft.

Last night Mr S. and I were talking about Iran, and how all the blogs were on fire about the current administration saying nothing about the election there. Everyone seemed to be outraged.

Outraged I say!

I let Mr S. finish, and I blew a gasket.

Mr S. I say - do you know what I see from those people? (meaning Iranians) Those people are doing pretty well. Those people all have cell phones and sat dishes. Do you see the designer glasses they all have on? I've been looking through the riot photos and videos. They all are clean, fat, and well fed. They all have computers, and nice stuff. Look at this guy - it looks like he goes to the gym all the time! They all have modern clothes.

Mr S. I say - I remember the 70's. Though I was very young. It was a good day if you just got beaten. Let them handle this. They are on twitter for shits sakes, and they can't handle this?

It was at that point that Mr S. realized he'd opened something he didn't expect.

Even though, I continued. You know why I'm so heartless Mr S.? Iraq! I read all the stuff that came out of that country before we went in. I thought those people wanted to be free. They didn't. People in Iraq were really suffering. Yet people in Iran obviously have so much control over their lives, until they don't get what they want. I'm out.


  1. Funny, but I've been thinking the same things. We have this idea that Iran is still under the Ayotollah or something.

    Women in blue jeans and polo shirts. BLUE JEANS. Twitter. While AJ-dad is clearly a serious tool, you gotta figure that the Iranians've got it a lot better off than the Iraqis did.

    They seem to be doing a fair bit better than the NorKs, as well.

    It would be stupid to talk about "liberating" Iran. Doesn't mean a little tisking over clubbing the opposition might not be unwarranted, though.

  2. Yesh. Agreed.

    I was watching some of the vids today. There was a guy who'd gotten whipped pretty good. I started to feel kind bad for him. Then all of a sudden my brain went "he's wearing Calvin Klein underwear"!

    And, most of the vids are really high quality. HD cams I'd bet. It just doesn't seem like they are that repressed to me. It actually almost seems like they are playin us for a fool to tell you the truth.

    Of course, it also annoys me that every single day I read stories out of Mexico that people are having their heads cut off and dumped in the streets. I think yesterday it was something like 11 killed.

    Not a word out of anyone. A couple of days ago they even killed a priest and some priesty people. I'm not religious. Though I did inquire of there was a special hell for people who kill them.

    Nothing said about it at all. That seems a little more pressing than some kids getting a beating.

    Just sayin.